So a few days back I was working on my White Scars Chapter Master on a bike. Of course in my excitement I had misread a rule, (can only take one Chapter relic). So instead of taking the Burning Blade, simply take a relic blade instead.

Chapter Master (White Scars) on a Space Marine Bike
WS6 BS5 S6 (Relic Blade) T5 (on a bike) W4 Sv 2+, 3++
Chapter Tactics
+1 jink, Pass Dangerous Terrain Checks
Hit and Run

Equip with artificer armour (2+ save)

Khan in list
Gives him Scout

Chapter Relics
The Burning Blade (+2 Str AP3)
The Shield Eternal (3+ Invul save, eternal warrior, and adamantium will)

Holy Cow is this guy nasty. A scout redeployment of 12" at the beginning of the game, attach this guy to a Command Squad on bikes with Storm shields, and just wow. No more worry about Helldrakes... Just ride forward hit hard. Back him up with other White Scars on bikes, and this will prove to be a ton of fun on the tabletop.

Above all else, I just have to make this model. With what is looking like a White Scars supplement just around the corner, it will be hard to not start a new army based around this guy.
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