Dropzone Commander is coming out with an amazing deal Sept 28th...... right around the corner, its 2 Player Starter Set. This set comes with two starter sets, for the price of one, and includes rulebook 1.1, reference sheets, 10 buildings, urban street posters, and more.

One of the new things about this set, is that you get two starter sets for the price of one, and the above mentioned items. How did Hawk Wargames do this?, they made these starter sets out of plastic. We already know that the resin models for Dropzone are just incredible, with amazing detail, so how do the plastic models compare?

They are good, much better than I expected, and a tremendous value. The new plastic UCM medium Condor Dropships are being used for this comparison. Take a look, and you can see that the resin does indeed have more detail, but that is to be expected for a resin to plastic comparison. Here are the pics and some links for those interested in learning more about the game.

For more information on the incredible resin of Dropzone Commander follow the link and watch the crazy video of me throwing these models against a wall.

For a look at the all the models in the Starter Set and its contents

Remember that the model with an open canopy is the plastic one. The other is resin.

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