In a conversation with Shawn from Blue Table Painting, and the Host of Valhalla, Shawn has came up with a solution to one of my problems here on Faeit 212, Special Ops Painting.

The Special Ops of Painting is here. What is that? Its a special group of painters ran by Shawn Gately (owner of Blue Table Painting), who keeps a small team of top notch artists around on the side. These guys are very good and ready to take orders, and Your project will be tended to by Shawn himself.

The Problem, with Shawn to the Rescue
Even though Shawn and his team are dealing with customers, after all its his business, there is a bonus for myself for posting this up, and I figured I would be very right up front about it. Sometimes I receive models here on the site for us to look at, review, and get a first look at from various game companies. These models are very important, as it helps myself and readers get a good look at companies we might not otherwise see.

The problem of course, is I can never get these models painted, its just too time consuming, and lets be honest (I kinda suck at painting). Its also important that they get painted up and ready for battle reports which I am always behind on.

Anyone that does go through the Special Ops team, is simply helping to get these models painted. This will help me keep on task so that I can stay on my my own projects, and keep the Faeit 212 models separate. Not to mention Shawn has told me, these great painters he has ready to go, are some of the best he has had over the years, and ready to deal with whatever projects you may have.

This service is painted and ran by Shawn Gately, who is a ton of fun and very dedicated to this hobby of ours. He currently keeps a small team of top notch artists and takes on "interesting" projects for a select few clients from Faeit 212.  It's the "Special Ops" program.

Their specialty is centerpiece models, large models, and large or themed armies.  They promise a fun and creative process with close communication via phone, Skype and email.  Your project will be tended to by Shawn himself.

"I've made a deal with Gary at Faeit 212 that if you set up a project with my Special Ops team, we will also paint some models for Gary.  I want Gary to be happy!"  --Shawn

He is now accepting new clients.  There are now a few openings in September and October this year.  If you are interested you can contact Shawn at

Once again if you are interested, here is the contact information for Shawn at

And here are vids

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