Yesterday we had a discussion and letter from Forgeworld explaining that the current Dreadclaw is done for. Lucky for us, we have some great information that a new one is being made and will be here sometime next summer..... or winter if you are south of equator. So get ready, the sky might not be falling, but you had better be watching for what is coming out of it.

Please remember that while these are from a great source, they are still rumors at this time until something official is released. This was a response from the source of the information to the article yesterday about the future of the Dreadclaw. It can be found here at this link.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Moulds age. Eventually Forgeworld models need to be retired. The dreadclaw was a pain to cast and build with lots of errors. 

The kharybdis assault claw is a larger variant of the dreadclaw and will be out soon. 

It will come with sockets for magnets, and potentially magnets in the bag. This will allow the "fins" to switch between their two stances representing the model as zooming or skimming. 

The dreadclaw will be being redone, but will not look like the current incarnation. 

It will have a lot less chaosy'ness to it, as it will be part of the HH line and not 40k. 

There is talk about doing upgrade packs for the Deimos pattern tanks, Spartan etc to fit on the chaos arrows and stuff so that they can be made into 40k chaos versions and not just imperial relics. But that's a ways out. 

The sky isn't falling. 

Dreadclaw by the summer, new Drop Pod by Christmas. 
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