The first thing that has just jumped out of the new Space Marine codex for me are the White Scars. At first glance, these guys are tough, hit hard and fast, are not something that your opponent can ignore.

Lets take a quick look at them as see just what is making them tick, or more literally, explode onto the tabletop.

White Scars
Combat Tactics
-Born in the Saddle
+1 jink save
Automatically Pass Dangerous Terrain Tests

-Fight on the Move
Models in this detachment have Hit and Run. Terminators, and Centurions of course do not get this.

-Master of the Hunt
Bikes and units with dedicated transports have the scout special rule

Now this together is just sickening, but its better. If you take Khan, a Chapter Master, or a Captain on a bike, then you get the Mounted Assault special rule. This rule is usable by any marine chapter, but just excels with the White Scars.

Mounted Assault
Any bike squad of at least 5 models may be taken as a troops instead of fast attack

So now you have troop space marine bikes running around, with the Born in the Saddle, Fights on the Move, and Khan's Master of the Hunt special rules. Just whoa.

So yes, you have several bike squads that can just simply redeploy with their scout ability into forward positions. Not to mention I want to do this with a Land Raider.

Space Marine Bikes
Space Marine bikes start off with 3 models, but for 21pts each can add up to 5 more bikes. So this means 5 bikes literally puts you just over 100pts for the squad. Make on of these an attack bike with a multi-melta for just over 50pts.

Now we all know that space marine bikes already come with a twin-linked boltgun. This is important, as if you take Grav-guns which we are going to, it still gives you a great gun to mow down infantry with little or not armour saves.

Two of the bikers can then take Grav-guns, and since you are relentless, that means you can move 12" and fire a full 18" with 3shots from each grav gun. Wow, can you say good bye to Riptides, Wraithknights, and Terminators?

Oh yea, do not forget to out fit your sergeant with melta-bombs. Do not worry about a thunderhammer etc, because you have hit and run, and can always get out of close combat if you need to.

So what you end up with is 5 bikes with all the special rules above, 2 grav-guns, 1 multi-melta, + melta bombs, that are deadly as sin, and scout forward 12" before the game even starts.

This squad can literally take on all comers, is not slowed down by anything, and even gets a forward deployment with their scout ability. Not to mention they are troops or fast attack. My current load out for this squad sits at 174pts. Just take 4 of these squads, as troops, and you have a deadly combination what is easily combined with allies in whatever format you have. My personal favorite atm...... Eldar Wave Serpents.
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