I am starting to receive pics from Games Day UK as we speak. Neil from Tykensrift, Matt, and Simon and more are doing an excellent job of reporting what is going on there right now. The biggest news so far.....

Imperial Fists Codex Supplement coming out for October!
Lorgar is the Next Primarch for Forgeworld!

Please check out Tykensrift later when he also gets some pics up on his own blog. His report will be very cool later when he is done with the event.

Of course we will be doing even more reporting as the day goes on, and more pics and information start to flow.

These are not rumors, this is what is being reported from Games Day UK

via Neil at Tykensrift
Quick details for you.
Lorgar is the next Primarch (pics attached) from Forge World.
I've also added the new Assault Claw model which should be onsale before Christmas.

via Simon at Games Day
Imperial Fists supplement at games day! Out October! Called 'Sentinels of Terra'.
I should have mentioned I saw it at Games Day UK.

a big thanks to Matt for finding these floating around the internet

via The Troll Trader on Facebook

via Tyronforge on Facebook

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