Now the last time I talked to David Lewis of Hawk Wargames, there was still a question of some production issues with these. The producer of them makes very high quality products, and David was still not completely sure when these were going to be available for the game. I did get to see his set of templates though, and they are very cool. Just check out the pic above, as these are ready now for pre-orders!

via Hawkwargames
Our brand new laser cut acrylic Blast/ LZ template set is now available to pre-order. These are hard wearing and are fully transparent, making it easy to place them where you need them! They will be available in stores from 16th October.

And finally, there is still time to pre-order our brand new 2 Player Starter Set! Any orders taken before 9am GMT on Wednesday 25th September (next week) will be dispatched in time for launch day (customs permitting of course)!
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