Another Primarch by Forgeworld. These are the gems of collectors out there, and the Primarch models are literally things of legends.

I personally would be afraid to paint one, and this might be one of the rare times that I would consider getting a pro involved for a model. These are just fantastic pieces of art, and a must for collectors to own.

Here is a link to see the video with Simon Egan talking about the creation of this model, and its inspirations.

via Forgeworld 
Forge World will be attending UK Games Day, held on Sunday 29th September at the NIA in Birmingham, and Ferrus Manus, the latest model in our Horus Heresy Character series, will be available to purchase on the day. As part of our Games Day UK previews, we have a feature on the Forge World Visual Feed about the Primarch of the Iron Hands Legion. In our latest video, designer Simon Egan talks about how he created the model of the Gorgon and how it can be incorporated with Fulgrim to form a stunning diorama.
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