Dark Elves are right around the corner, and yet there has been a great silence about them hanging over the internet like a bad cold. Yesterday some rules appeared, and while these are rumors with salt required, they are still worth mentioning.

Please remember that these are rumors

via ChargeAndDie on Warseer
Warlocks are a casting unit Ala pink horrors. Spells are leadership hex and 2d6 s5 MM. Fixed level 2 with +1 to cast with every rank. Apparently they have 4+ ward.
New type of witch hag char which has an item to give +1 attack to unit and +2 if the unit has frenzy.
Lore attribute is target takes 2d6 s1 AP hits if roll doubles while casting and 3d6 if triples are rolled.

about the altar - 5+ ward and reroll to wound to all Khaine units within 6 inches and it has a bound spell similar to the witch hag item. Black horror is template remove models if strength test fails. No armor saves but ward saves are allowed.
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