Dark Elves are now up for advanced orders, and above all else, the new video has been released to youtube, showing off the models. Of course while Fantasy is not my game, there are several models here that just might be making it into my collection, as I am thinking these might mesh well with my Dark Eldar Wyches, especially for Bloodbrides.

So here they are... Take a Look

Here is where to see the Video

Pre-order linkage

Warhammer: Dark Elves Limited Edition $90.00
Warhammer: Dark Elves $49.50
Dark Elves 1-Click new release collection $304.50
Warhammer Battle Magic: Dark Elves $6.00
Cauldron of Blood / Bloodwrack Shrine $75.00
Kharibdyss / War Hydra $65.00
Witch Elves / Sisters of Slaughter $60.00
Dreadspears / Darkshards / Bleakswords $35.00
Shadowblade $20.00
The Cult of Khaine $329.75
Dark Elves Paint Collection $140.00
Dark Elves Shield Pack $9.50

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