The information is flowing as are the pics out of Games Day. Here is your next bits from Games Day UK.

Interesting things.......
5th Primarch IS... HORUS
Lots of AdMech
Prospero end of 2014
Lots of Pics

These are not rumors, but are flowing out of Games Day UK via ACE01 from Googledrive, and Bols Lounge
Sicaran venator out next month, photo's in my G Drive post above.
AdMech Thralls possibly out in November, possible compatability with IG plastics
AdMech Myrmidons - still WIP (weapon options)
Legion Basilisk WIP
Land Raider Achilles MkIIB almost complete.
Legion Kharybdis Assault claw, drop pod with weapon system. Can land vertically
Myrmidons still WIP, out 'soon'
Grave Wardens Terminators WIP
Night Raptors out xmas/jan
Lorgar release Dec/Jan
5th Primarch IS... HORUS (by Simon Eagon)

FW Extermination. Out Easter 14. 2/3 finished.

Last part of first trilogy:
pt2 isstval V
plus fists &; IW - battle of phall.
plus Paramar - RG, IW, Alpha legion etc

Titan legions in book 3 - War Gryff's &; Tiger Eyes.

Prospero End of 2014
Signus (&; Dark angels!) Q2 2015
Calth: Q4 2015 or Q1 2016.

Warhammer forge taking back seat. Orcs next, something within the next year, but subject to being pushed back.

Massive Pics Collection via ACE01 

More Pics flowing out of Games Day UK. These are from Warseer

These are pics from Karl sent into me for Faeit 212

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