Imperial Guard, one of the armies that people knew me by for years, is starting to come around. In 5th edition I had 100's of games in with the army, and now in 5th the army has sat mostly idle, as I have returned to my Dark Eldar. So its exciting when the Imperial Guard start getting rumors, here is the latest.

Please remember that these are rumors

via Bell of Lost Souls
These rumors come to us in multiple sets, and we have ordered them from most trustworthy to least based on a variety of "truthifying methods":

The Probable stuff:
IG Veterans/Stormtroopers (plastic 5-man box)
Artillery combo-kit
Roughriders (new plastic box)

The Possible stuff:
IG Regiment Doctrines: Each Regiment (Cadian, Catachan, etc...)has doctrines, similar to SM Chapter tactics. Examples listed were:
Cadians - may issue 2 orders to a unit
Catachans - Move-thru-cover, and Jungle Fighter (???)

Thunderbolt flyer: Very heavy armor, but cannot jink.

The Salt-mine
Imperial Robots - 2 new robots, requiring an Admech handler/enginseer.

Knight Paladin - Taller than riptide, not as tall as Wraithknight. Vanquisher cannon and Uber-chainsword are standard load out. May upgrade to Punisher Cannon, Uber-Fist with Inferno Flamers
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