This wont last long, as I am sure we are about to get flooded with Dark Elf information any day now. And while it does not include yesterday's rumors that were posted up today and yesterday here on Faeit 212, this is a very comprehensive compilation.

A huge thanks to Zion for sending in the link, as its definitely worth the time to read over, and check out over at Talkwargaming. 

via Zion over at Talkwargaming
Many thanks to the folks on Warseer, DakkaDakka and 40k Radio for the original information.
Everything in quotation marks is a verbatim quote of the original rumor, everything else is as close as possible, but polished up a bit for easier reading. 

Predicted Release: October/November/October-November 2013
Codex Information

General Information
  • Aesthetic seems to be focused on them being a more sinister version of the High Elves with spikes and jagged edges on the armor.
  • Temple of Khaine Artifacts are still in the book. No word on if there are new poisons or not.
  • New plastic banners do not appear to have any designs sculpted onto them.
New Rules
  • Gain the Always Strikes First special rule like their High Elf cousins.
Special Characters 

  • Crone Hellebron is the only character 40k Radio has seen images of at this time. She is a little more armored than a normal Witch Elf and wears a little more clothing. She carries a sword and a small blade. "She definitely has the big hair like in her artwork in the current army book". She looks young, like a regular Witch Elf and wears a gold mask over her face that extends upwards in a "crown like fashion". Both of her arms are raised towards the sky.
  • Cauldron of Blood is now a larger model with hooks and chains but is "a bit toned down" compared to the Empire Celestial Hurricanium/Lumniark of Hysh. It has six wheels and two staircases. It doesn't have any models pulling it so speculation is that it might be pushed like the Screaming Bell. It has three Witch Elves on it, with "spikes and blades". They're described to be dressed in what looks to be loincloths and bras, and appear "vicious". The statue of Khaine that stands behind the Hag has his sword held aloft.
  • Warriors changed in design. Helmets no longer cover their eyes and now have cloaks. The cloaks hang down from beneath the shoulder armor and cover the back chain mail when looking at them from behind. They also have skulls embossed on their shields.
  • Dark Rider have "sleek-looking horses with only a bit of armor" and the cloaked riders are hunched in the saddle to give the feeling that their fast moving calvary while presenting a low profile. Helmets appear to be open-faced, and can be armed with spears. No word if they can get crossbows at this time.
  • Assassins got a buff. Not clear if it's improved Hidden rules or an improved Save at this time.
  • Executioners have skull-faced helms. Their armor is bright silver with red tunics in the WD. They all hold the Draiches (swords) on the left side of their body (that is your right when looking at them from the front). Their armor appears to be a mixture of plate and chain mail. Champion is armed with an axe and is holding the decapitated head of a High Elf in the pictures.
  • Witch Elves have 2 hand weapons in the White Dwarf.
  • Blackguard look very "stalwart" with large halberds, and high helms that have 3 spikes on each side of them with a flowing plume on top. Their armor is black and trimmed gold and they wear dark purple cloaks. The unit Champion is holding a sword by the hilt with the blade planted in the ground. Their musician is a drummer. Their helmets do not cover their faces, and their armor has bulkier shoulders.
  • Cold One Chariot looks very sleek with the wheels towards the rear of the chariot and the body low to the ground. The Cold Ones pulling the chariot match the Cold One Knights.
  • Witch Elves are armed with 2 hand weapons in the pictures and are "very dynamic with their poses". Each model has long, flowing hair, red loincloths, thigh-high black boots and "for lack of a better term bras". They also appear to have open mouth "so lord only knows what they're saying before they come in and hack my poor High Elves to bits". There does appear to be a command group for the unit.
  • Hydra is now beefier looking. The Hydra's 2 Handlers are mounted on the same base as the Hydra in the WD pictures.
New Units
  • Scroungerunner armed with spears and what appears to be a large crossbow or a bolt thrower. The crew "look[s] similar to Corsairs". The passenger shooting the crossbow/bolt thrower has what appears to be a sea dragon cloak on. The reigns appear to be normal black leather and the horses look "awesome and angry". Both horses are black with red eyes. The chariot only has a single wheel that is centered on the back section. "And as usual nasty spikes and blades".
  • Warlocks are bare chested with mundane looking hand weapons (one each), which are held in a reverse grip and resemble jagged daggers. The warlock champion's eyes are glowing which suggests at magical ability perhaps? The models have long flowing hair that ias painted white, and the rank/file models have black eyes (or possibly no eyes). There does not appear to be a full command group for the unit, just the unit champion.
  • Kraken has  has spines and scales with smoth flesh on the neck and underbelly. Was painted with the scales in Dark Grey and the softer flesh in blue. It does not have tentacles, but has four webbed appendages ending in claws and a tail. Has one main head with beady eyes above the mouth which has the lower jaw extending like an octopus tentacle with teeth. The four other necks end with fanged maws and claws that look to facilitate grabbing their next meal.
  • Blood Throne shares the kit/chassis with the Cauldron of Blood. On the Throne itself sits something that looks "like a half-witch Elf, half Medusa, with snakes as hair". The Witch Elves on the Throne use spears and wear metal masks that cover most of their face, save for the chin/mouth and the eyes. The Medusa model has the lower body of a snake, and has snakes on her base. The right side of her torso is bare, to include her breast while armor covers her left side. In her right hand she holds a spear and her left hand is clad in a clawed gauntlet. Her mouth is agape and she has snakes for hair. Her body is also covered in a number of small cuts that drip blood. "There is a significant amount of blood on the model". Behind the Medusa appears to be a mirror depicting cavorting Witch Elves. It's painted to look like what appears to be a row of moons in a clear blue daytime sky ("i.e. the mirror "looks through to another world" type of thing is what they were going for, I guess")
Model Releases
  • Plastic Dark Elf Warrior Box (Makes Spearmen, Swordsmen and Crossbowmen)
  • Plastic Dark Riders/Warlocks
  • Plastic Blackguard/Executioers
  • Plastic Cold One Chariot/Scroungerunner (which is pulled by horses)
  • Plastic Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne
  • Plastic Hydra/Kraken
  • Plastic Witch Elf Box
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