OK, pre-releases are here and now official. Love or hate the models, which I do like btw, Dark Elves are here and they are a big release for Warhammer Fantasy. We have seen the prices now for a week or so, and what is being released, and like normal I spend some quality time digging through these on my own.

So what the Hell happened to Dark Elf Witches? I mean OK, the models look great, and I love the Sisters of Slaughter look, and even want them for Dark Eldar Witches and Blood Brides. But seriously, how can you justify buying them? At $60 for 10 models.

Take a look at what you get out of the box sets from Games Workshop below. $60 is really a huge for 10 plastic models with the least number of components of the three box sets I am comparing.

I love the models.......... but um..... Are they really $60? I think that alone will simply increase the sales of the Dark Eldar Wyches for Fantasy players (just buy them, some square bases, and some weapons and save a ton). So while I normally look the other way at prices like this, and just accept it, this one jumping up so much and all on its own seems very out of place.

So what dictated such a large price difference between this set and others that are comparable? I would sure like to know. 

So lets keep this clean, the answer is not greed or anything to do with corporate bashing, so leave the drama for the forums. I am really serious, was it due to the design?, is this the first box set that will lead a price jump to the others? The answer escapes me, but I am willing to listen.

Lets Compare (the quotes in italics are from GW)
$60.00 Dark Elf Witches/ Sisters of Slaughter
This box set contains enough parts to make either 10 Witch Elves, or 10 Sisters of Slaughter.

This plastic kit contains 67 components with which to make a 10 woman Witch Elf regiment, or Sisters of Slaughter regiment. Also included is 1 Dark Elves transfer sheet with which to add a variety of shield and banner designs.

$35.00 Dark Elf Dreadspears / Darkshards / Bleakswords
There are 9 bodies which have the heads already attached, whilst 1 body allows the addition of any of 3 separate heads (1 helmeted, and 2 bare)

This plastic kit contains 89 components with which to make a 10 man Dreadspear regiment, Bleakswords regiment, or Darkshards regiment. Also included is 1 Dark Elves transfer sheet with which to add a variety of shield and banner designs.

$29.00 Dark Eldar Wyches
This box set contains 10 multi-part plastic Dark Eldar Wyches. This 92-piece set includes: 14 different heads, 10 different bodies (six female variants and four male variants)

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