A rules debate, I thought I would post up on. These things are always good to get out in the open, and get them settled.

Can an Independent Character join an allied unit in their transport, assuming they are battle brothers.?

Here are the relevant rules.

pg 112 under Battle brothers
Battle Brothers are treated as friendly units from all points of view. This means that Battle Brothers:
*Can be joined by allied Independent Characters
*Are counted as being friendly units for the targeting of psychic powers, abilities, and so on.
*not even  battle brothers can embark in allied transport vehicles

pg 39 under Independent Characters
While an Independent Character is part of a unit, he counts as part of the unit for all rules purposes, though he still follows the rules for characters.

So, what is your take? Please add page numbers when referring to rules. We are looking at what the rules actually say, not what the intention of the rules are.

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