If it wasn't already enough that the new White Scars from the Space Marine codex are just singing to me as an allied force to my existing armies, it now it appears that the White Scars supplement (which on Faeit 212 we have known for some time) is now imminent. Meaning get ready, because we are getting more bits from different sources claiming that its right around the corner.

Please remember that these are classified as rumors.

*via an anonymous source here on Faeit 212
Your Forgeworld post reminded me of something I learned from one of my GW sources at the weekend: namely, White Dwarf will be getting a new Editor, very soon. My guess is sometime around the 1 year anniversary of the current "new" format (end of this month).

In addition, he confirmed the White Scars supplement is next - and imminent. No surprise there ;)
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