There is no doubt that the Horus Heresy is one of the top selling lines of books and models for Forgeworld, and since the start of this project, hobbyist around the world have been dying for any new bits of information on it. Well, Games Day UK has just passed, and now we have laid out before us many details of what is coming from the next Primarch, and information regarding the Horus Heresy books 3-6.

This information is not rumors, but comes from the Forgeworld Seminar at Games Day UK 2013

Also check out the pics sent in taking a closer look at the next Primarch, Lorgar! They are at the bottom of the post. I am really starting to like this model a lot.

via Polar Wolar from the Faeit 212 inbox
Hey Natfka, just got back from Gamesday and I have a few more pictures and info that might either confirm what others or saying or might be new.

Primarch Lorgar

Designed by Edgar Skomorowski and the next Primarch to be released at the end of the year, Horus will be Q1 2014

Forge World Seminar information
General Info
Forge World hope to release 4 Primarch models within the next 12months, they now have 2 sculptress that can do Primarchs and the entire process has been speeded up but not rushed. Roughly takes around 4-6 months.

As for the Books they would like to release a new one every 6 months but it will prob take longer. Look for new books around September time and April/May time. Every year.

Also Forge World has many ideas for the future of the Horus Heresy with them saying we are only 20% through the story by the time we finish the 2nd trilogy.

There will a model of the Emperor and Horus!

Book 3: Execution
Easter release date if everything goes according to schedule ( Q1-2 2014)
Raven Guard
Primarch model of Corax with flight pack was strongly suggested as what they wanted to do.
New units focusing on Hit and Run, precision strikes and Assassination I.e. Eliminating enemy command structure

Alpha Legion
Primarch models for Alpharius and Omegon with the possibility of a 3rd because of the whole I am Alpharius.

Subtle differences in armour between the two.
Alan Bleigh said that even tho the primarchs of the Alpha legion blend into their legion to complete missions there are times when they need to be seen as primarchs! This is what the models will represent. Them in their full glory.

Imperial Fists
Even tho Rogal Dorn was on Terra during the battle of Phall he will be in the book along with Sigismund.

Iron Warriors
The Iron Warriors will have models with rules for the Iron Circle in this book despite the fact that they were created after the battle of Phall where the Imperial Fists stormed aboard Perturabo's Flagship and into his Inner Sanctum causing him then to design and build them.
Titan legions

Book 4 Prospero
Before Christmas 2014 (Q3-4) most likely aiming for UK Gamesday but will be a tight schedule to keep up with.
Thousand Sons
Space Wolves

Speaking with Siman Egan the sculpted/designer of Angron, Fulgrim and Ferrus, he wants to do Leman Russ and Magnus in a duel like Fulgrim and Ferrus with Leman Russ's Wolves. This is only what he is planning not what is actually going ahead at this time.
Sisters of Silence
Emperors Custodes

Book 5 Signus Prime + another story involving the Dark Angles.
6 months after the release of Prospero (Q2-3) 2015
Blood Angles
Dark Angles
Dark Mechanicum

Book 6 Calth, released 6 months after Signus Prime (Q1-2 2016)
Imperial Army
Explanation on the World Bearers
more Titan legions

I hope this helps I have some more pictures i will send tomorrow,
Polar Wolar

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