Sometimes I receive rumors that I sit on and try to find out more information for a couple weeks. A lot of the time these little bits die off in my inbox, but this one keeps sticking out for some reason. Perhaps its the idea that maybe after the Horus Heresy is complete, that Forgeworld will be tackling the Great Crusade in the same manner they are now with the Horus Heresy. Either way, I am going to get this one out.

Please remember that these are rumors

*via Tim the Theif on Faeit 212
Games Workshop planned 2007 a Wh40k Spin off with Horus Heresy and the Great Crusade (game name unknown) with modified rule Set, not compatible to the Original. Orks & Eldar would get their own "codices" for this. The Project was canceled in 2008 and was transferred to Forgeworld. Sculpts was never made, but Plastic Kits had been planned.
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