I have got to say that with this schedule, I will be a broke SOB. There is just a lot here that falls into the must have category. Just when I thought I was getting caught up and every project was looking reasonable I get this in my inbox.

If Steel legion comes like we have heard now from a couple sources, I will be drawn back into them, especially if there are any plastics to come with them. With this schedule we are looking 4 codices for 2014, and a wealth of supplements.

Please remember that these are rumors, and to be respectful to sources that submit what they have heard.

via Stickmonkey on Faeit 212
Ive got the following codex/army/supplement schedule down right now, pretty much aligns with your recent post:

Oct: dark elves wfb
Farsight supplement hardcopy
White scars supplement digital
No mystery box(es)

Nov: tyranids 40k
Terrain set (more wall of martyrs compatible pieces)
Ultramarines supplement digital
Black legion supplement hard copy

Dec: hobbit (box set)
Bundles for fantasy and 40k
White scars hard copy
Hive fleet behemoth supplement digital

Jan: IG 40k
Alpha legion supplement 40k digital
Ultramarines supplement hard copy

Feb: Brettonians or Dwarves wfb
Hive fleet behemoth hard copy
Steel legion digital

Further out (no particular order, just stuff I've heard in the pipeline for 2014):
Hive fleet kraken supp
Raven guard supp
Csm/daemon supplements 4 Gods
Black Templar Supp
Biel tan supp
Catachan supp
Orks 40k
Saim hann supp
Speed freaks supp
Blood angels 40k
Fleshtearers supp
Space Wolves 40k
13th gc supp
WfB 9
Wood elves

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