The Enhanced Edition of the Space Marines digital codex was released on last Saturday with problems. A lot of it was problems with the upload on the Apple side of things, and Games Workshop took huge steps forward in stepping up to try and help and compensate customers that had purchased it.

One of the big things we were all waiting to see, was the new list builder, Force Requisition that was part of the codex. This was a huge step to get a list builder with a codex, and I know a lot of us were just dying to see it operational.

Games Workshop has now updated the Enhanced version, and it is back up on the iBookstore. If you missed our previous discussion on it, just follow the link.

Here is the latest from Games Workshop Digital Editions Facebook Page.

Great news everyone,
The enhanced edition of Codex Space Marines is now updated, and back up on the iBookstore.

This update contains the first version to the new Force Requisition feature, which covers HQ, Troops and Heavy support units. It will be expended in the next few days to cover the full army list, but in the meantime, have a play, and let us know what you think of it so far.

You guys have all been really patient, over the last few days, and as our way of saying ‘thanks for waiting’, your enhanced codex also contains the Space Marines datasheets from the Apocalypse rulebook (including rules for a Thunderhawk!).

We’ll let you know when the next update goes live, adding even more units to your Force Requisition collection manager.
If you’ve got the Space Marines Digital Collection, your update is also on the way soon.
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