Forgeworld will become much more accessible soon, as the models will be able to be bought at your local Hobby Center. This looks like it will definitely increase the demand for Forgeworld products, but there is more, as Forgeworld will also be on a new GW site.

Lots of changes for Forgeworld in the near future.

This source was also able to confirm the rumors that were discussing new managers and staff. That rumor can be found at this link.

Other rumors that we have been reading as well, especially from Tim the Thief regarding the same subject for a couple weeks can be found here.

Please remember that these are rumors

*via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I have good news.

Good news is, it does look like it's FW will make it's way onto the new GW site, which will be a lot better than just a giant shopping cart.

If this goes through it means that people will be able to pay for Forgeworld items through Games Workshop Hobby Center's.

unlike GW items Forgeworld purchases won't be able to "ship to Hobby Center."  They'll need to go to a customer's home address, as they will still be subject to duty if outside the UK.

This will hopefully be resolved either before launch or soon after, where Forgeworld orders will be compiled into large volumes sent out bi/tri-weekly to local shipping centers for North American/North Asia/ SE Asia/Australia and then redistributed to Hobby centers, and bypass duty costs.
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