There is always something happening at Warhammer World, and seems there are now 3 displays up showcasing Tyranids. So while this does not by itself mean that Tyranids are next, it does possibly give us one extra little piece to the puzzle of what is next.

Above all else, you just have to see all the pics of this army on display.

John Beech's Tyranid army is now on display over at Warhammer World and wow, is it amazing. I am keeping the pics at a minimum here, so that you can head on over and see for yourself just how cool this army is.

Literally I am just dying to get more Tyranid rumors and discussion. This will be one of my favorite releases this year.

via a Reader here on Faeit 212
I was at Warhammer World for Throne of Skulls this past weekend, and thought it worth mentioning that there are now 3 displays up showcasing Tyranids including a new one by legendary artisan John Beech.

Photographs are available on the Warhammer World facebook page here;

 It’s a beautiful looking army, and I thought it deserved some exposure
All this activity can surely only mean one thing - Nid-Vember is ON!
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