Even though its just the beginning of October, it feels like this year is wrapping up already. With a second month of Dark Elf releases, and December full of bundle deals, the only thing it seems to really look forward to is a possible 40k skirmish game.

So I'm taking the rest of the year off. Just joking of course, and today we have another release schedule from the guys over at 40k radio.

Please remember that these are rumors, so salt is always required.

via 40k Radio
First 5 months of releases for 2014
Jan – ‘Nids
Feb – can’t recall at the moment (Might be Hobbit related)
Mar – Dwarfs
Apr – Imperial Guard
May – Wood Elves

On September 19th 40k Radio had this schedule up.
Oct: Dark Elves
Nov: Holiday Releases(boxed army type stuff)
Dec: Hobbit
Jan: Tyranids
Feb: Dwarfs
March: IG

So a slight push back on Imperial Guard and dwarves (insert favorite squat joke here),
a mystery for February (perhaps a second month of Tyranids?),
and the addition of Wood Elves for May.
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