Starting off September on the right foot with some possible Imperial Guard rumors. These are supposedly from a playtest, and is interesting in a couple locations, especially with the Salamander  and Thunderer/ Destroyer additions. Cannot wait to see what new additions there are for the Imperial Guard codex.

Please remember that these are rumors, and add some extra salt simply due to the sender not really being sure of how valid this is.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
This is from a supposed playtesting document I was able to flip through ( I have no way to verify that this was actually a real playtesting document, but I thought most of it sounds pretty reasonable):

Company Command is now the only, real“ HQ you can chose but you can swap the Commander for a Lord-Commissar.
Primaris Psyker are now Advisors, Bodyguards are gone .
Only Cadian named characters in this document.
Salamander is in as transport for CCS/PCS, open-topped Chimera with Autocannon, transports 6.
Engineeers are Elite now (but 1-3 per slot), can buff squads in the vicinity (think Force Field and such).
Priests must join a squad and won’t take HQ slots.

Veterans, get some lose some“. Size 5-10, can take 1 heavy wepaon or 1 special weapon per 5 soldiers. Bastogne is gone but every Veteran Sarge can give orders now. Can still take shotguns and get option to take pistol & CCW. New Veteran ability allows charging out of transport.

Special Weapon and Heavy Weapon Squads are now 10 men each.

Vendetta is gone, instead Valkyries can take the Vendettas-loadout for +45 points.

Only one entry for Sentinels, no armor upgrade, closed cabin has no game effect but is just cosmetical.

Thunderer/Destroyer is in, Thunderer is a cheap Demolisher with nothing but a hull-mounted Demolisher cannon. Destroyer is a dedicated tank hunter with a laser-lance weapon. Have a, hull-down“ rule that makes them extremely hard to kill if in cover, seem to be area-control units.

There was talk about a new Cadian Veteran plastic set, 5 miniatures with all options.

Heavy Weapon Squad will be repacked to include one sprue of standard Cadian infantry.
Special Weapon Squads might get their own box with a new special weapon sprue (which is also used for Veteran box).
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