Rubric Terminators, and Cult of Sorcerors of course catches my attention the most here. We have had very solid rumors of cult terminators in the past, so there may be something to this. Also here is more talk about a new Games Workshop website, and some Forgeworld hints.

These are rumors, please take with some salt.

via Tim the Theif on Faeit 212
Warhammer 40.000
 -Imperial Guard along with a Tank Company supplement
-No Ork Kult of Speed supplement for now
-"Book of Tzeentch" supplement is being processed at the moment; Rubric Terminators & Cult of Sorcerers planned, very limited selections

 The new GW Page
 -New Hobby content on the Page; Paint &; Tactical Guides
-Special Content for "Insiders"; Codices and Armybooks will in the future contain a code for specials on the page, only for book owner!

 -will be available on the new shop like the other GW-Products
-great crusade and unification wars books after horus heresy, BL already working on novels
-Wh40k Rulebook special Edition in HH and GC design
-Horus Heresy Apocalypse book
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