I just realized this morning that I had not started figuring out what I am taking to Valhalla this year. While my Dark Eldar are mostly ready to go, I may bring the Inquisition and or my Imperial Guard this year. Definitely throwing me into a panic this morning as I am sorting models, making lists, and trying to see where I have models that are not yet done.

For sure the one thing that I am bringing is both my forces of Dropzone Commander. They really take up very little room, and it would be fun to bring both forces for anyone interested in playing the game. I have my Scourge done and ready to go, as they were painted by Blue Table Painting, and I have my UCM there now getting wrapped up. So as far as Dropzone Commander is concerned, I am ready to go.

My Scourge Army, painted by BTP

That leaves my 40k army of choice to bring on the trip. I would like to bring something new this year, but its always hard to get the last things wrapped up and ready that you want to bring. I still love my Dark Eldar, so it might very well be what I bring if I cannot make sure my Inquisition and Guard are ready. Both my Dark Eldar and my Inquisition models were done by me. It just takes me forever to get models done.

Some Pics of my Dark Eldar and at last years Valhalla. February is almost over, and May's Valhalla is coming up fast. Im starting to get excited about the event.

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