Tonight we have another early look at the rules for the upcoming Dwarf armybook release on the 15th. We are taking another look at Runes, the Gyrocopter/ bomber, where units fall, and a Hero. Did I mention up to 100pts of runes on Cannons?

Please remember that these are rumors, and said to be directly from an early look at the new armybook. Further bits of information from the source can be found at these links.

Also here was a different source that was verifying the first, and adding to it.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Gyrocopter Update: it is nearly 1/2 the original point cost.  For approx. 100 pts you can field 1 with vanguard.  You can have 6 in an army and 12 in grand army.  It has a template gun as before that can be swapped out for a Brimstone Cannon: 18", str 5, armor piercing, dwarf crafted, multiple shot d3, quick to fire.

Gyrobomber Update: The Clattergun is 24", Str 4, armor piercing, dwarf crafted, multiple shot (4), quick to fire.  both Gyro's can get vanguard.

Conflicting reports, even from me, concerning number of runes.  There are 2x Weapon Rune pages, 4 additional pages with Armor/Banner/Talisman/Engineering Runes. 1x Ancestral Heirloom page (specific named items).

Runes are broken down like so: Rune of Blah Cost: X/Y/Z.  x-y-z is the number of runes of that type you can place on an item, increasing its cost.  Description of its exact rules follows a brief "fluff" description. One thing of note: A cannon can have up to 100 pts of Runes!

Thorek is in the book. Bugman is a hero level.

The Unit Breakdown is thus: Core (Warriors/Quarrelers/Thunderers/Longbeards); Special (Hammers/Ironbreakers/Slayers/Miners/Cannon/Grudge Thrower/Bolt Thrower/Gyrocopter); Rare (Organ Gun/Flame Cannon/Ranger/ Irondrakes / Gyrobomber).  It is possible I got one of the Rare and Special guns flip flopped.

I double checked (could still be wrong) but Dwarves no longer have -1 to move when charging/fleeing.
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