The cover of the White Dwarf was released today on a White Dwarf Daily post, showing off the new Imperial Titan that we have seen in the leaks at one point or another. These are going to be very popular models, and while I know I will be getting one at some point, once the codex comes out I may be getting more. The models are just very nice, and look like they will be a ton of fun.

Here is the link to White Dwarf Daily were the cover and Imperial Knights are discussed for Issue number 4.

via White Dwarf Daily excerpt
There’s extensive coverage of this new kit in the pages of White Dwarf, telling you more about their background and history, plus full rules for using them in your games and stage-by-stage painting guides for two of the major Knight Households – House Terryn and House Raven.

Also for you digital fans, here is the where you get your White Dwarf digitally. I may be starting to pick this up digitally.

What will be curious at this point is the mini-codex. Codex Knights will be interesting in what and how it will allow us to use these mini titans on the tabletop. If we are seeing a big release of Chaos Marines over the next few weeks like is rumored, it might very well that these Knights are the only new units coming. It would be a missed opportunity in my mind, as there are a lot more they can do with this army.
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