OK, I have spent the last little bit pouring over pics of any recent release I have and not found it. Supposedly its there somewhere, and I figured that the readers here might help find the rumored image of a new Imperial Guard kit "hidden in plain sight."

Sound like a Fun Challenge? Here is what I was told.

I have looked for this, but so far not found it. If its there, its probably right in front of my eyes. Please remember that this is a rumored image, and thus far I have not found it. I am still looking though. If you find it, shoot me an email and we can credit you here.  natfka@live.com

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
we've already seen one of the new IG kits, but nobody seems to have noticed so far. There is a miniature "hidden in plain sight" in one of the newer publications.

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