Here is a statement directly from Forgeworld regarding merging with Games Workshop on a new website. Of course these do not rule out Forgeworld being sold through GW stores, but we have yet to see where the new GW website will take us, and how Forgeworld will be integrated.

I know that I am one potential customer that will be ordering Forgeworld from my local GW stores, that is if they become available there.

Please remember that these are rumors. As normal to any rumor, add a little salt.

via a long time anonymous source on Faeit 212 ***
Someone I know has written a mail to FW and pretended to be a "shareholder" and asked for the "Page merge topic". He got back an interesting mail:

Hi               ,

These rumors are false. Games Workshop is getting a new Website but we will not be merging with them. We have got plans to update our website but it is not being merged with the Games Workshop website.

If there is anything further we can do to assist you, or if you have any queries about the information we have requested or provided, please telephone us.

Forge World

Particularly Interesting is this section: "We have got plans to update our website".
I think that suggests soon FW-Products will be ordered per GW-Stores, Mailorder or the new Page.
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