This is one of those things that should not get past an editor, but could also be a sign that with so many magazines going out on a now weekly basis, that someone's workload got a little crazy. The result is that in the second issue of the new White Dwarf was quite unreadable to many people; English was printed in a German White Dwarf, and a whole section of the print was cut off and simply missing.

Check out these pics. I don't know if this was limited to a few copies, or if it was wide spread. Its also quite possible that a correction was already made, and magazines sent out.

If you get one of these, please by all means call customer service. GW customer service is top notch, and I am sure they will send you a fixed copy.

Lets stay on topic in the comments please, and not open it up to netrage or personal comments. Someone made a mistake, either editing or printing or both, this stuff happens. If you are effected and want the rest of the article, please call gw customer service.

via a reader on Faeit 212
German White Dwarf Readers beware: Some of the issues of this week have big 
misprints in the center of the magazine. This makes you unable to read the 
lower lines of the text coloums.

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