Its been one of those questions that we are afraid to hear the answer to, as there is a lot of us (myself included), that just love these. There has been rumors that these are going away to be replaced by dataslates, as they are probably much easier to create. Its been awhile now since we have seen a new codex supplement, and with Tyranids released already..... I would of expected to see one by now, or at least had rumors of one coming. So where are they?

The fact is, I like these books almost more than the codex they belong to. The reason for that of course is that I know the rules will be minor, but background related changes, and have no fears or concerns for the rules. I just simply look forward to sitting down and getting immersed into my army for inspiration. The Iyanden book was like this, and I have read the entire thing twice now.

So are codex supplements something that came and went in the blink of an eye? Eddie at GW Digital Facebook says no.

I had missed where this was said on their page, as sometimes their comments get lost in the mix there. Even when I went back to find it, but I do recall reading this at one point or another on the site.

This was taken from our comments section here on the site.

via TimmothFebruary 8, 2014 at 8:56 PM
GW Digital Editions Facebook page was asked if supplements are gone. Eddie replied they are still going and there will be plenty more Supplements this year as well as Dataslates too.
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