Late last night we saw that a store was putting Imperial Knights for an early pre-order, and this morning I am being told that Imperial Knights have been here for a week already, but have stayed under wraps. Check out another small bit regarding an impending Imperial Knight release.

Just for those that are new here, the above pictures is not a leaked pic, to see that follow the links below.

There is not much here, but any little snippet of information right now gives us more than what we had 12 hours ago. If this is indeed coming this quick, the flood gates are about to break.

Regarding the link to the picture. I have no idea of thats legit, as it was a link in the comment section. Here is that link, which is on facebook.
and here

Please remember that this is a rumor.

At the very earliest I would expect that these are up for pre-order this Saturday, or the next. I dont have anything solid saying either way.

via Imber from the Faeit 212 inbox
Kits are in US and have been for some time, at least a week. Insider surprised it took this long to leak. From sounds of it, wide access to loyalist armies. 
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