February is often a slow month, and there are some policies here on Faeit 21 that are changing. Some have already occured and some are in progress, and some will just happen.

Comment Moderation
First off there is a new comment moderator that is helping out on the site. I just cannot get the time to dedicate to being on top of the comment section, and lately some of it has digressed once again. So with that said, our new moderator can be called sally, and I dont know if she will chime in or not. She has already been let loose on the comments over the last few days.

Here are her instructions for what to remove, and please remember that sometimes comments may be wiped that should not have. Its not an easy thing to moderate comments, but she will do her best.

-Off topic comments, (a lot of room here, as many honest and off topic comments happen, but off topic comments that digress and/or are negative are to be removed)
-Personal Attacks against other people commenting (keep it real please, we are all part of this hobby)
-GW or other company netraging (take it to the forums guys)

Lets keep things positive and on topic. I had debated a change to the restrictions of who can post up, or how, but instead I received a volunteer to help moderate. She will do the best she can, so give her a few days to get adjusted. Ive asked her to at least moderate twice a day.

Rumor Policy
Also there are some new tighter rumor restrictions, as far as what I am going to post. This is based off the impact and negativity that it may inspire. The are some tighter restrictions as well concerning leaks, but I will handle those on my end of the stick.

There has been no GW letter sent here, these changes have been overdue, to improve the site and the time readers spend here. In regards to GW, my email address is always open to them with the same confidence that readers have should there be conflicts.
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