We have been talking about this upcoming change about Forgeworld going mainstream since last year on Faeit 212, and it seems that this is finally coming around. This will be an excellent way to get your Forgeworld products that I will be taking advantage of.

Here is a conversation that I removed identifying portions of, but remember that these things are still rumors. This very much correlates with what Tim, and solid  anonymous sources have been telling us.

Please remember that these are rumors. With the Imperial Guard around the corner, and the availability of Forgeworld coming, its going to be an expensive year for my IG forces.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
We were chatting about the merger of FW, BL et al and he stated that forge 
world would soon be purchasable in GW shops. As in, go into a shop and 
order FW stuff then have it delivered to store for collection. He didn't 
think they would be getting much / any physical forge world stock.

Interestingly, the main reason in-store orders of forge world were not done 
before was, apparently, a capacity issue. In that forge world don't have 
enough resin moulding machines to fulfil the amount of orders they could 
potentially get if it was promoted in stores.

However, with GW getting out of resin and moving to all plastics (his 
words) the resin moulding machines can be given over to forge world to 
increase their capacity to produce. We've already seen the start of this 
with forge world taking over fine cast production. They obviously want the 
machines to ramp up production of Forgeworld stuff ready for the increased 
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