There is one thing I like to find on occasion, and thats new music that fits the futuristic battlefields of the games I play. From Dropzone Commander to Warhammer 40k finding new music like Jack Trammell is a ton of fun. Now there is another set of music that is being put out by Strangelette in her own kickstarter Cyberpunk Soundtracks. This music is license free and available to those that contribute as little as $30. 

Here is a link to check out music samples available from the kickstarter which for $30 give you 3 hours of music or for $50 a full 7 hours. 

Non-exclusive commercial use. Most of the other tabletop gaming audio projects out there restrict the use of the soundtracks to non-commercial home use only.  I am not placing that restriction.  The purchase of this collection of music, effects and ambient sounds also gives you royalty free non-exclusive permission to use them in your own commercial or creative project like a podcast, video game, app, play, movie, etc. “Non-exclusive” because everyone else who purchases the collection is allowed to use them as well.  If you would like a custom exclusive track composed and produced, or an entire exclusive score and sound effects, please see the appropriate pledge level to the right!  Please make sure you credit me if you use the colection in a commercial project and just send me a message to let me know you found the tracks useful!  If you have any questions please send me a message!
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