Pre-orders are now up for Codex: Imperial Knights. Its sitting at $41 USD as rumored, along side the Imperial Knight Companion for $74.25 and the Limited Edition codex at $115. There looks to be some cool artwork in the limited edition and can't wait to see the cover of the codex a little larger.

There are also some new novels being released, like the Knights of the Imperium and Path of the Archon. I find it odd that these Black Library releases are being posted up on the main GW pre-order page.

For a link to get your pre-orders in,

Here are your releases
Codex: Imperial Knight $41
Codex: Imperial Knight Limited Edition $115
The Imperial Knight Companion $74.25

The Complete Imperial Knight Collection $279.25
Knights of the Imperium $24.00
Path of the Archon $9.99
Gotrek & Felix: The Serpent Queen $14.00
The Horus Heresy: Visions of Heresy $70.00
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