Tonight we are showing off works from the community; house rules for warhammer 40k and apocalypse. There are some easy modifications to these rules, that really show just how smooth slight modifications can be to add in some balance to your games. So check these out by Dean Magill.

I am going to start covering more community news, ranging from side projects, experimental rules gaming groups are using, guest articles, and sometimes just some cool model pics that are sent my way. The simple reason being that this is our hobby, and its not ran by any company or vocal  forum net ragers. Its time to cover the hidden corners of our hobby.

Of course this new series will be called the Hobbyist.

Some of the biggest changes of course are slight alterations to D-weapons and invulnerable saves. Again these are rules that Dean and his gaming group are using and are worth checking out, especially if you are considering something along these lines in your local community.

via Dean Magill from the Faeit 212 inbox.
I've attached a set of 40k apocalypse house rules that are a bit more balanced that we use in our gaming group, just a little thank you really. Enjoy and thanks again for the great work.

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