Its curious that we are seeing a lot of Adeptus Mechanicus models and now bundles from Forgeworld. We know that they are already available, but today, a few days before Imperial Knights are going to go live with pre-orders, we get some nice bundles from Forgeworld. It literally would not take much to release a full on codex release now for 40k, not to mention that with Forgeworld products being much easier to access very soon through GW stores these models can become much more available.

So while I am speculating that somehow the Adeptus Mechanicus will be expanded upon, check out the latest bundle releases from Forgeworld today. You can also check all the models released for the Adeptus Mechanicus at the following link.

These models would also fit nicely into a codex alongside the Imperial Knights codex, which is rumored to have a Mechanicum army as part of its contents.

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