Already Forgeworld has mentioned on their facebook page that they will not say anything about their plans with Imperial Knights until Saturday. Of course this rumor today mentions that Forgeworld will be taking on the one thing that many people are hoping comes soon, a Chaos Knight.

Please remember that these are rumors. Plenty of salt required.

via Larry Vela on Bols
Sources say Forgeword is already well into development of a variety of Imperial Knight add-ons and variant kits.

Look for them to begin with easy to produce weapon add-on kits including:
-Knight Inferno Cannon
-Knight Plasma Cannon
-Knight Power Fist

Then they will move into more elaborate add-on kits including:
-Chaos Knight

Lancers, Castellans, and Barons would seem like low-hanging fruit in the add-on kit department for Forgeworld but there is no chatter so far.
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