Once again its a full house here on the Faeit 212 BlogExchange, and even some overflow that will be spotlighted here on the next BlogExchange post.

So what is the Blog Exchange? It is basically an exchange of blogs on each others blog rolls. Its that simple. The search engine beneath the blog roll is also set so that readers may do a search on all the blogs on the exchange for whatever it is that they are interested in. So if your blog is being added, Mondays is when I spotlight each new blog to the exchange. The purpose of the Faeit 212 BlogExchange is to generate traffic and ideas to the wider community of Warhammer related blogs around the world.

Into the Void
by CJ Kilbride

Void Spaces
by horridperson

Sinscaptain's Log
by Patrick O'Leary

Palladian Guard
by Colonel Scipio

The Hobbyist Log
by Naiconn Log
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