If you are one of those that picked up a box of Dwarf Hammerers this weekend, you already know what was in the box. If you didnt, well, here is the cool surprise that was in there. On the back of the instructions are the stats for both Hammerers and Longbeards.

So here is the pic that was sent in to the site. Of course there are no stats or anything else, and this is the back cover of the model instructions, with no upgrades or points listed.

Is something new?, as I have not seen stats come with a box set before with my GW box sets. If this is brand new, perhaps it will become a trend with releases that make it out before the armybook or codex.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
I picked up a unit of dwarf hammers today. And much to my surprise it shows stats for both hammerers and longbeards on the back of the instructions.

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