Yesterday we had a rumor source that apparently had a good look at the Dwarf armybook, and today, we have a completely separate reader confirming that those rumors were accurate according to what is in the upcoming release of Dwarves. Not to mention that he added to our information a bit.

Please remember that these are still considered rumors. If you missed yesterday's article on Dwarven rules from the armybook, here is the link.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ****
On your most recent dwarven rumors, I got a look at the book last night at 
my local GW store and they are correct on the iron drakes. Also, 
gyrocopter got a huge drop in points, almost half, and is now a special, 
not rare. Gyrobomber is also cheaper than the gyrocopter's price from the 
previous book by 15 points.

There are also some new Rune categories in addition to the old ones.
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