Forgeworld today on their blog #6 today decided to give show us a Mechanicum T-shirt and a teaser pic. I call it crazy timing that we have had just too many hints of something Mechanicum coming, and all of a sudden they want to show us a t-shirt. I dont believe in coincidences. Something coming?

There are the pictures below released this morning by Forgeworld. All this Mechanicum talk has the imagination going crazy. Could Mechanicum get a codex that includes both GW and Forgeworld models? Sounds a little nuts, but you never know, and this week is already going to be a huge week with the releases coming out.

via Forgeworld from Blog #6
It’s not only models that catch my eye as I walk through the Forge World Studio – we’re always coming up with ideas for cool merchandise too. Just this week I saw one of the new T-shirts that will be on sale at selected Forge World events this year. I hear it won’t be the only design on sale either!

Of course there are some great new models being worked on too. Today, I caught sight of some interesting work from the hands of Israel Gonzalez, who recently designed the Space Marine MkII and MkIII Command sets. This powerful claw is part of a model that will be heading into production soon.

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