I have received notice from several people that there will be a limited quantity of Imperial Knights reaching stores for release day. While I am trying to see if there are more confirmations on this, it would seem that it may be local to the eastern U.S. at this point according to below.

Please remember that right now we dont know for certain, and its important that if you are waiting for models to reach your local shop, to double check with them. The couple shops I called or emailed here in the Pacific Northwest were not having any issues getting these models.

via barcode on the Bols Lounge
Default Imperial Knights Delays in Eastern US
A handful of retailers in the Eastern United States are saying:

Imperial Knights are being limited to smaller numbers per retailer and are being slowed by up to 1 week due to delays with a particular shipment clearing US Customs. This is said to be limited to the Eastern United States only, and no other delays are reported in other areas.
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