There was a lot of pre-orders going live this weekend for Warhammer 40k, in fact it felt like several months of releases all jammed into a single week for March 1st releases. In order to get a grasp on what went on, here is a round up of all the rumors and news that happened this week.

Warhammer 40k Pre-Orders
Black Library Digital
Tyranid Invasion - Rising Leviathan II;  ebook: $14.99  Ipad Interactive: $16.99
Legion of the Damned; $16.99 ebook  Ipad Interactive $19.99 

Imperial Knight: $140.00
Imperial Knight Household Spearhead (3 Knighsgt) $420.00
The Iron Brotherhood (6 Knights) $700.00
Imperial Knights Transfer Sheet $20.00

Sentinels of Terra: $49.50
Sentinels of Terra: Limited Edition $90.00

The Dreadclaw £55.00
The Tyranid Twin-Linked Devourers £13.00.

and here is what happened in the rumor world this week.......

Helbrute is Leaked
There are leaked images of a new Helbrute that appear to be from a new edition of Warhammer Visions. These leaks are being removed from most sites as we speak, so if you saw them, they look to be new models with more weapon options. 

These models coming follow the pattern of previous rumors we have had, of new Chaos Marines coming. Including Chosen and Havocs to be followed by a supplement in the near future for new rules. 

Imperial Knight Leaks
These were everywhere this week, and since the latest White Dwarf is already available and the leaks originated from the magazine, I wont repeat that information here. You can of course browse through the last week or so on what we now know. Here are some links.

Rumor Lock Down
There is an apparent lockdown on leaks that are making it out, as the Imperial Knight leaks were huge, and were followed by leaks from Warhammer visions with the Helbrute. While leaks like these do happen, it appears that these are being stamped out, as many of the leaked images have been removed on various sites.

Its not the fact that there are rumors of these that are going to happen, but instead that the entirety of the release with leaked images are hitting so early that I am sure is causing the lockdown. Here is what we were told. Please know that I removed a section of this, as to what was being targetted.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Things are on information lock-down at the moment. Some bigwig at GW is furious about the inside source for the Knight rules leak. It's codex BA all over again. Nobody at GW appreciates or tolerates this. 
They worked very hard to keep the Knight out of the spotlight and now everybody already knows about it. These leaks might even affect the release schedule, "soft" releases like the Chaos Chosen might be put forward and "hard" releases like the new IG pushed back. GW knows that they don't have any control over the last 48h, but they are adamant to do whatever it takes to make sure that their announcement will be the first in the future.

Imperial Knights, New Web Site, and Pre-Order Changes
This bit describes some of the things going on right now, including the new website, and pre-order changes which we witnessed yesterday. It was interesting though that rules were not in the box as we saw with Dwarves, but instead confined to the White Dwarf release for the new Imperial Knights. I am assuming that this will be short lived as a codex is sure to be coming and a hot topic next week.

via Father Gabe on Faeit 212
Concerns Imperial Knights, New Web Page and Pre-Order changes.
1) Imperial Knights box is small, about the same size as a Rhino box.  Contains 2x Decal Sheets (Lots and lots of decals for those that enjoy these), a 90mm x 120mm flying base.
2) Rules don't appear to be included in the box, for right now it looks like the White Dwarf is its only place.  No additional info has been fully revealed concerning how its used, who uses it, etc.
3) New Web Page: new Direct Order computers are hitting the stores (in North America at least) that are being upgraded (for improvement reasons) and to allow better interface with the new Web Store.  Software is being pumped through the Tills (registers) that will allow managers to perform detailed look ups or by use of the Fuzzy Product look up button.
4) Pre-Orders: Due to some complaints, concerns, etc by some UK/European customers and/or managers, the pre-order time is being changed effective tomorrow.  Before in North America you could jump on pre-orders the day before at approximately 6pm, which was midnight or later in UK/Europe.  So, now it will begin at 1pm Central time (US), not sure when that is in the UK/Europe but Im sure they can figure that out.
5) This last part is an oddity.  At the recent HSC in North America (collaborating info I had from my UK source) is that GW feels (whether rightly or not...Im thinking not) that the whole reason we purchase miniatures is not because of what they can do in a game (rules wise) but we do so because of how they look.  That surprised some of us.  Combined that with the same reason the Codex/Army book comes out later, that might indicate a disconnect between corporate and its customer base.  We have decided to dig on this issue, conduct surveys across the US GW/Independent stores to get an actual consensus.  What we will do with that info?  No idea yet.  The concern is, does GW really feel that way, is it accurate or is it more of a "training" issue towards managers and such.
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