For those of you that just have to have the latest special or limited editions books, there is a new Space Marine limited edition coming out in December: Space Marines Ultima Edition. Its a set of 4 hardcover books set inside a display box, and of course there will only be 500 copies world wide. So check out the latest rumors on what is about to be released.......

Please remember that these are still rumors, and a little salt is always recommended.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Space Marines Ultima Edition
Limited to 500 copies world wide
A display box with 4 separate hardback books inside
   -Galaxis: a fold out map of the Galaxy folio
   -Illuminatus: a 72page art gallery of Space Marines
   -Adeptus Astartes: shows off every Space Marine miniature painted by the eavy metal team
   -Codex Space Marines
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