This Saturday, which is tomorrow, is the release of the Digital Blood Angels codex. It is widely assumed that the digital version would just be a digital release of what we already have, but there are apparently some differences, or updates. So lets take a look at what a source has told is about to hit for those Blood Angels.

Please remember that these are rumors until the release has been officially released. I am going to imagine that a FAQ is coming regarding these updates to the print copy of the codex.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Only things to change in the new digital release:

Heroic intervention - now works as per SM
Stormraven - no more deep strike
Glaive Encarmine - now gives +1 str on a turn the model charges, but us otherwise STR as user, ap3, 2-handed, master crafted. 

I didn't see anything else different. 
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