We have sightings for a new box set for the Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard), a Bullgryns/Ogryns dual box set. Armoured Ogryns set up like giant riot police with cybernetic enhancements. This may be one of our first real insights to the new codex rumored to be here in April.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via a reader that must stay anonymous on Faeit 212
Hello Natfka, I am not normally a rumour guy.

However, I have today seen (and held) something I was not supposed to.
"Astra Militarium Bullgryns"

Shrink wrapped box ready for sale; I don't know what that implys about
release time.

Three Plastic "Bullgryns" which seem to be armoured Ogryns with large
riot style shields. Looked to be on the same bases as the Space Marine
Centurians. They are painted in a new looking blue/gray urban cammo.
They have armoured looking torsos and loin cloth type things made out
of tank tracks (!). They also seemed to have cybernetic enchancement
(ala Boneheads).

Looking at the back of the box, there was a small picture indicating
they could also be built as traditional Ogryns, which retain there
T-shirts and Ripper guns look. The Orgryn on the back had a Green T
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