We have had lots of rumors lately discussing the return of Epic, and the real question that it comes down to, "Would you buy into it?"

Its been a number of years since Epic was last updated or even supported by Games Workshop. There are a lot of us older hobbyists out there that may even have epic models and armies that are ready to go for new rules, but this alone won't help a game get support, much less re-released in any form.

In order for a game to gain some traction, it must sell. New armies must be wanted by the community, and if there just isn't enough out there, a small one time limited release is what we will get. It really comes down to sales of what the community wants and will purchase, not a vocal minority already with armies that wont buy the new models.

The economics of releasing these games is a reality check that needs to be checked off. So what do you think? Should Epic return?

Here is a compilation of the latest rumors regarding the return of Epic and specialist games.
Please remember that these are a compilation of rumors.

Epic will return end of the Year!
 -There will be a Complete Set with Rules, Models and Accessories.
-The "Starter Set" will be a Armageddon Theme Set.
-The set includes Space Marines, Imperial Guard & Orcs
-Expansions for other Armies are Planned like Forces of Chaos, Eldar, Tau Empire or the Tyranids.

-Other Games will return
-All sets will be completely made of plastic
-Specialist Games are dead
-The Games will be Standalone Complete Sets with Expansion-Sets for additional Models or Armies.
-Terrain will be made of Plastic and/or Cardboard
- Epic and Gothic will become Great Crusade Expansions

-Expansion sets for Epic will cover Theme lists like Chaos Traitor Legions or Ork Klans.
-A possible Great Crusade Expansion for Epic may contain the Primarchs and other coll stuff
-All former SGs will return as Complette Sets

-BAs vs. Orks Set will be the Epic Complete set he announced, not a new 40k starter Set.
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